How to save data to XML files in Ventuz3

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Wouldn't it be cool if Ventuz could save data directly to an XML file? Here is a solution, a C# script that saves data into (and also loads it form) an XML file. This C# script is easily extensible to work with integers and floats as well.

I created a repository on github (VentuzLoadSaveXML ), so feel free to fork it or drop by from time to time for updates. You'll also find a troubleshooting there.

But before you start hacking in the code, you have to edit the "custom model" of your freshly generated C# script node. Create the following inputs & outputs


  • string fileName
  • method load
  • method save
  • string[] textToSave


  • string[] loadedText

And of course you should create some data to work with. Connect a string array node of any size to the textToSave input of your script node and fill in text. Lorem ipsum will do ;-)

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now the fun part

the script:

using System;
using Ventuz.Kernel;
using System.Xml;

public class Script : ScriptBase, System.IDisposable
    // This member  used by the Validate() method to indicate
    // whether the Generate() method should return true or false
    // during its next execution.
    private bool changed;
    //create a temporary array
    // See here why temporary arrays are needed:
    string[] _loadedText;
    // This method is called if the component is loaded/created.
    public Script()

        // Note: Accessing input or output properties from this method
        // will have no effect as they have not been allocated yet.
    // This Method is called if the component is unloaded/disposed
    public virtual void Dispose()
    // This Method is called if an input property has changed its value
    public override void Validate()
        // Remember: set changed to true if any of the output 
        // properties has been changed, see Generate()

    // This Method is called every time before a frame is rendered.
    // Return value: if true, Ventuz will notify all nodes bound to this
    //               script node that one of the script's outputs has a
    //               new value and they therefore need to validate. For
    //               performance reasons, only return true if output
    //               values really have been changed.
    public override bool Generate()
        // assaign temp array to the output array.
        // See here why temporary arrays are needed:
        loadedText = _loadedText;
        changed = true;
        if (changed)
            changed = false;
            return true;
        return false;
    // This Method is called if the function/method save is invoked by the user or a bound event.
    // Return true, if this component has to be revalidated!
    public bool Onsave(int arg)
        XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();
        //create the basic structure of the XML
        //get each element in the array that needs to be saved
        foreach (string s in textToSave)
            //create a text node per array element
            XmlElement Text = doc.CreateElement("text");
            //fill it with array element data 
            Text.InnerText = Convert.ToString(s);
            //append node to the XML base document
        //save document
        return false;
    // This Method is called if the function/method load is invoked by the user or a bound event.
    // Return true, if this component has to be revalidated!
    public bool Onload(int arg)
        XmlDocument xmlDoc = new XmlDocument(); //* create an xml document object.
        //load XML document
        xmlDoc.Load(fileName); //* load the XML document from the specified file.
        //Get all nodes with thw name "text".
        XmlNodeList Text = xmlDoc.GetElementsByTagName("text");
        //create a temp array the size of nodes count
        _loadedText = new string[Text.Count];
        //create an indexer
        int i = 0;
        //get each node in the nodeList
        foreach (XmlNode s in Text)
            //assign each node content to the temp array at position i
            _loadedText[i] = s.InnerText;
            //increment indexer i
        changed = true;
    	return false;


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